Wildflowers and seed pods and rustic décor, oh my! You must be planning a countryside themed occasion.

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This style guide is for those of you who love the countryside. If you’re drawn to wide open spaces, fresh air, and mud on your boots, we’re going to help you share that with your guests. With a combination of the perfect venue, textural florals, and décor details, you can create a rustic occasion that’s all you.

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The first step is to take yourself to the countryside and scout venues like vineyards, lake houses, barns, paddocks, and very large trees. It’s a great idea to do some planning while you’re surrounded by all this inspiration. Pack a notepad and pause regularly for snacks (top priority) while you imagine your occasion. Is that dry river bed the ideal setting for your birthday picnic? Is that villa perfect for a bridal shower escape? Would the views from that cliff top blow your guest’s minds? Will those very large trees frame your wedding photos perfectly?

Occasion Style Guide: Rustic Countryside on OccasionLab.com

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While there aren’t any rigid rules for rustic florals, it’s important to consider how your florals will look at your chosen venue before making any final decisions. If you’re hosting a birthday party in a softly lit barn, trending deep greens could get lost in the dim lighting. Instead try golden wheat and pastel succulents. They stand out visually in low light, and help lighten your event’s atmosphere. If you’re planning an alfresco wedding ceremony by a golden wheat field, an alter garland of fresh greenery and blooms is the ideal contrast. If you have time in the lead up to your event, take some trips around the countryside and gather wildflowers, seed pods, and other textural flora for table arrangements. Bunch different textures and use them throughout your venue from the entry to the plate. Congrats, you’ve elevated your décor style to a full-blown theme.

Occasion Style Guide: Rustic Countryside on OccasionLab.com

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Fully embracing a rustic countryside style lies in the accessories. Find a woven basket to use when foraging for your event’s natural décor – as though you’re gathering fresh eggs for breakfast! Now that you have a woven basket fill it with party favours for your guests and sit it at the exit. Here’s a quick idea for rustic party or wedding favours: saw slices off a small tree branch and hand letter your occasion’s date on each piece. Your guests will leave with a little piece of the countryside to remember your event by. They’re also great for paper weights, coasters, pot stands, and even book ends. This idea’s a variation of our DIY wood place card bases. It might even be better. We should probably publish a branch party favour DIY.

If you’ve opted for light toned décor consider drying your blooms in advance. Dried arrangements are full of texture and can look stunning. Save florals like hydrangeas and poppy seed heads at pruning time then hang them upside down for a month or until they’ve dried. This approach minimises your event budget and leaves you with everlasting blooms. All florals become brittle once dried, but hydrangeas are particularly delicate. A light spray with hairspray can help keep them intact.

Occasion Style Guide: Rustic Countryside on OccasionLab.com

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Occasion Style Guide: Rustic Countryside on OccasionLab.com

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When it comes to décor remember your countryside theme. Focus on the simple things and opt for a low maintenance approach. Basically, if it looks like you dragged it in from outside, you’ve got yourself a rustic piece. Wooden swings are a modern approach that will delight your guests, both young and old. If your venue has strong beams a swing could be set up indoors, or strung over a strong tree branch outdoors. Branches also make fantastic alters once tied together, or can be used as table runners when laid along a table – but only after being spider sprayed! If you opt for the table runner approach nestle homemade, wholesome food among the branches. Chutneys, cheeses, meats, and fresh breads create simple platters for your guests to pick at as they mingle. Scatter nuts and herbs across the platters to complete the rustic scene. A home baked dessert will add that special touch to any country themed dinner party. Prepare a simple mixture in advance to put in the oven once your guests have arrived. This clever timing will fill your entertaining space with cosy home baking smells. Once it’s ready decorate your baking with natural ingredients like lemons, fresh berries, and edible flowers.

Occasion Style Guide: Rustic Countryside on OccasionLab.com

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Foraging textural florals, pulling together rustic décor, and serving wholesome treats will create a countryside retreat for your loved ones to enjoy. You could host a dinner party, a birthday picnic, or a wedding reception. Our low maintenance approach helps you achieve a gorgeous countryside style for absolutely any occasion. Now, it must be time to party!


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