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If you prefer to lounge on antique furniture by candlelight, dressed in crumpled silk while surrounded by textural blooms, this style guide is for you. We'll cover the three pillars of romantic bohemian styling. Grab a pen and list these headings: florals, fabrics, details. Textural florals deliver the overall wow factor, and consistent use of boho style fabric showcases your theme. Meanwhile, clever details will surprise and delight guests throughout the occasion. Boho paradise, here we come.

FREE RESOURCE: We've created a MOOD BOARD for this style guide! Download it, print it, and take it with you when you meet your event vendors. It'll help suppliers like florists, stylists, and caterers understand the style you're imagining.

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Boho styling is dominated by textured, loose blooms. Large quantities of florals will create a dramatic scene in your chosen venue. Combine deep hues, dusty pinks, and lush greens to give your florals a modern edge. You can’t go wrong with large bunches of wild flowers for a youthful vibe. For a more mature style embrace soft pastel peonies, the deep red of smoke bush, and the textures of nigella flowers and wild carrot. If you’re getting married consider matching your blooms to your wedding party, then doubling the size of your bouquet and adding deep burgundy cosmos flowers to set you apart.

To keep the theme consistent across every element of your occasion tie your bunches and vases with similar ribbon. Avoid trending materials like rustic twine and opt for luxurious textured ribbons like crushed velvet and crocheted lace. Arrange your table florals at different heights for a visually interesting tablescape.

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If you’re hosting a baby shower or gender reveal party, seat your guests on ottomans around a low table or picnic. First, cover the table with velvet fabric for a cosy, intimate celebration. Next, overload that table with platters of cheese, fruit, homemade dip, cold meats, and sweet treats like baklava. Toss some loose piles of blooms and greenery between the already crowded platters, then complete your tablescape with tall, thin candles for height. If you’re serving a cake, place it high on a cake stand to create yet another tier. Practical Styling Tip: While picnic style dining with cushions looks idyllic in editorial photoshoots, they simply aren’t comfortable for long periods of time. If you’re trying to achieve this look, consider low bench seating lined with cushions. You’ll achieve a similar boho vibe, while avoiding complaints of pins and needles. Don’t forget to contact a local antique hire service. They often stock vintage chairs, china tea cups, and other items to boost your styling efforts.

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It’s time to add the details. Those quiet notes that work together to make your event feel well put together. They’re the cinnamon scented candles at your Christmas party. They’re the entrée’s blackberry fraiche, the main’s blackberry jus, and the fresh blackberries balancing atop each dessert at your wedding. Start by writing down a basic itinerary for your occasion. If we were hosting a birthday dinner party we’d write ‘aperitif and gift table at entry, entrée, main, dessert, speeches, standing coffee with birthday cake’. Now pluck an element from your occasion and see which sections of your itinerary it relates to. If our birthday dinner invite featured illustrated figs, then figs could also appear on the place cards and birthday cake. You might curate the room’s artwork to match your event colour theme. If you’re planning a wedding you might calligraphy a different quote from famous love sonnets on each menu, then write personalised thank you notes using each guest’s menu quote.

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You’re done! Florals, fabrics, and details. Feature special details that speak to your boho theme, from the beginning to the end of your event. Exaggerate textured florals and greenery at every opportunity, and cover hard surfaces with luxurious fabrics in moody tones. Congratulations, we're sure you’ve created a beautiful romantic bohemian styled event.


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