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If you enjoy a spontaneous giggle and confetti with your morning coffee, this style guide is for you. Pulling together a youthful occasion is all about making it personal. Share what excites you about life for a memorable event. We’ll set the scene by layering bold décor, bright colours, and strong visual elements. Later, we’ll kick off some laughing fits with surprise games and activities. With the right combination of décor and enthusiasm you could be planning a youthful occasion for anyone, from a toddler to a retiree.

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Let’s get personal

The more personalised an occasion is, the more engaged your guests will be. How often do you sit through a wedding ceremony with dry eyes, then turn on the water works when the newlywed’s parents share personal stories at their reception? Whether you’re planning your own party, or an event for another person, it’s important to tap into what it is that makes you, or them, uniquely youthful. Writing a list is a great start. Do you love carousels and confetti? Do they play hide and seek with their grandchildren for hours? Do they love to hula hoop? Once you have a list of youthful traits, weave those traits into the occasion. If you’re planning a wedding you could showcase a shared affinity for Disney movies. Using The Little Mermaid’s ‘Under the Sea’ as a first dance song will jump start the crowd’s spontaneous dance moves. For a kid’s party look deeper than their favourite cartoon character and include their favourite games and activities in the festivities. If they love dressing up, create a party game that combines pass the parcel with a dress up box. Once they’re dressed up, DIY masks will keep the kids engaged and double as party favours.

Occasion Style Guide: Fresh Youth on OccasionLab.com

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Bright colours, bold décor

Youth is bright. It’s bold, brave, and so very bright. Infuse colour into your occasion to make it look and feel as fresh and youthful as possible. If you’re hosting a birthday brunch decorate your drinks with richly coloured edible flowers and fresh fruits. This will saturate the table with colour, creating an energetic atmosphere.

Occasion Style Guide: Fresh Youth on OccasionLab.com

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Keep the theme going by serving brunch platters of bright fruits for an overwhelmingly colourful, vibrant effect. White is a great base colour for a wedding reception because it can transform a large space into a blank canvas. By keeping the overall décor minimal, you’ll allow your colours to ‘pop’. Focus on fresh greenery as your first layer, then add sprinklings of bright colour across the space. Create multiple levels with cake stands, tall candles, hanging greenery, and backdrops. Levels are surprisingly powerful. They transform a space's décor from flat lay to three-dimensional with minimal effort. Instead of entering your event and looking down at the décor on each surface, your guests will look left, right, up, down, and feel surrounded by your theme.

Occasion Style Guide: Fresh Youth on OccasionLab.com

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Active guests are happy guests

Now that your venue is oozing fresh youth style it’s time to dream up activities that will have your guests laughing and making memories. If you’re hosting a destination wedding, use that holiday vibe. Instead of wedding favours surprise your guests with holiday packs of scuba fins, local dried fruit, and a guide book for the region. Handwrite a thank you note and your wedding date inside the front cover of each book for a personal touch.

Occasion Style Guide: Fresh Youth on OccasionLab.com

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Share your favourite activity with your dinner party guests. Teach everyone juggling, origami, or hire a model for life drawing. Wait until everyone’s feeling relaxed (a few wines in), then ‘surprise, it’s activity time!’ They’ll absolutely love getting involved. Follow this trend for kid’s parties. What activities does the child enjoy? If they love drawing you might set up a tepee decorating station where the kids can decorate miniature tepees to take home as party favours. You’ll find that trucks, dolls, and small pets all enjoy living in well decorated mini tepees. You’ll need fabric pens, canvas, sticks, and twine. Just make sure the fabric pens are washable unless set with an iron so their clothing is safe!

Occasion Style Guide: Fresh Youth on OccasionLab.com

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It’s that easy. Make a list of what makes you youthful and weave those things into your occasion. If you’re planning a party for someone else it’s whatever makes them laugh hysterically, or jump up and do their happy dance. Decorate your venue with fresh greenery and splashes of bright, vibrant colours. Keep your style minimal and use levels to surround your guests with a youthful, fun vibe. Most importantly, enjoy yourself. If you’re relaxed and having fun, your guests will follow your lead.


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