Let refined elegance, soft fabrics, and pastel hues define the style of your next occasion.

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We’re focussing on refined elegance for this guide. First, layer natural fabrics as a delicate canvas for your décor, florals, and greenery to rest on. Next, say yes to pastel tones for your florals and limit your décor for a clean, minimal style. Lastly, weave European influences throughout your event for an authentic occasion your guests will never forget. Overwhelmed? That’s ok, we’re about to break it down.

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Occasion Style Guide: Classical European

Sasha Zvereva

Drizzling fabrics

Natural fabrics work with your theme in two ways. One, they’re so coveted that silk, linen, and organic cotton practically scream 'luxury'. Two, the classical era pre-dated synthetics. Could you be more on theme!? A baby shower high tea would look gorgeous set upon silk. Drizzle the silk fabric on the table as you would honey on toast. Leave some corners of the table exposed for an effortless look. Place your high tea platters randomly amidst the rises of the silk. A wedding ceremony is the ideal occasion for billowing fabric. Any natural fabric will work, simply wrap it loosely around an outdoor alter, or gather it like pulled curtains. If your wedding day breeze grows into a wind no one will notice your messy hair, they’ll be too distracted by your beautiful billowy alter! Now that’s tactical wedding décor.

Occasion Style Guide: Classical European on OccasionLab.com

Henri Meilhac

Floral #stylegoals

Pastel florals and greenery will help you achieve a clean, minimal look. In contrast, loud colours and textures will distract from your #stylegoals. When it comes to décor, you’ll find that your florals and greenery have done most of the work for you. Filling the space with candelabras, place mats, and other objects will give a cluttered look. While your event shouldn’t look bare, classical European styling is best achieved with a ‘less is more’ attitude. The best approach when decorating is making sure that your functional pieces like cutlery, glassware, and cake slices are on theme. If you think you’ve gone too far with your décor, try taking a couple of items away, then a couple more. Continue this until you find the sweet spot between empty and cluttered. It exists, we promise!

Occasion Style Guide: Classical European

Alona Kraft

Making memories

Now that your occasion is looking refined and elegant, let’s make it feel authentic. If you’re throwing a birthday brunch you could set up a European style coffee bar, complete with tiny coffee cups and adorable mini croissants. For a kid’s birthday party switch out the caffeine for hot chocolate and waffles with fresh berries. If you’re planning a wedding consider hiring an illustrator to paint European inspired scenes as wedding favours. They’d make gorgeous wall hangings or tree ornaments for your guests. Feeling creative? Keep the design simple and give it a go yourself.

Occasion Style Guide: Classical European on OccasionLab.com

Roman Kraft

While you’re considering DIY party favours, spare a thought for the small details. An engagement party suits a photo backdrop of individual leaves pinned to a wall. Your classical European style will live on through your guest’s photos, and when they look back at them they’ll remember the beautiful space they celebrated in. Even the smallest details can make a big difference to pulling together a theme. Groomsmen in a wedding party could wear handmade DIY boutonnieres. Use layers of washed calico, felt, and silk to mimic leaves and flowers. Simple hand stitches at the back of each leaf or flower is all that’s needed to fix them to each other. Compliment your creations with washed cotton ties or bow ties.

Occasion Style Guide: Classical European on OccasionLab.com

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