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This style guide is for those of you who love the city. You adore the architecture, the hole-in-the-wall coffee shops, the bustling dining scene, and those back-alley bars with secret door knocks. You love strutting its footpaths, surrounded by that city hustle and bustle. Most of all you love the eclectic mix of people, sounds, and smells (except on stinking hot days, of course).

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Throwing an authentic event in the city is about taking your favourite daily routines and incorporating them into your celebration. If you’re hosting a birthday brunch with friends, have a tray of liqueur-laced macchiatos waiting for them at the door. If you’re aiming for wow-factor, hire your local coffee cart to park outside your house and serve fresh coffee as your guests arrive. If you’re getting married, start your tribe’s day with fruit-topped green juices delivered from your favourite café. Ask them to add plenty of chia seeds for lasting energy throughout your big day.

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When selecting a venue consider locations that mean the most to you. Do you pass by a favourite landmark most days? They might hire out rooms for occasions. If not, try to find a rooftop nearby with a stunning view of that special part of the city. If your occasion is a wedding, plan photos at your favourite landmark in the city. Perhaps on the town hall steps, or that bridge in the park where you first met.

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If you’re throwing an evening party on a rooftop use plenty of string lighting so that your space becomes one with the city lights. If your venue has a view, pair back your decoration to focus on clean styling that doesn’t distract from the vibrant cityscape. A city event is the perfect opportunity to keep your styling chic and simple, while creating drama with one or two high impact decorations. Decorate your space with soft blooms and fresh greenery. Add oversized illuminated initials, a bunch of oversized balloons, or suspended confetti waiting to shower your guests. This will create visual drama without detracting from your city backdrop.

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When choosing your menu consider food experiences that you already treasure. Just because other events serve caviar topped crustaceans doesn’t mean that you should. Do you have a favourite café? Keep the menu true to you by asking them if they’ll cater your occasion. Do you often visit a local teppanyaki restaurant? Ask the chef if they’ll take a night off to cook at your event. Hire a hot plate, set it up in a central location, and ask your chef to supply the rest. Your guests will receive a meal and a show, plus insight into your unique city lifestyle. For dessert, chat with the ice cream maker from your local market. Imagine serving your guests a chic dessert of locally made artisan ice cream.

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The most important thing is to be true to your own style. Make a list of your favourite places, foods, routines, or colours. Add a column for your occasion and make notes for any list items that could translate to the occasion you’re planning. If you’re not sure how to make something part of your event, like a favourite organic grocer, ask us and we’ll help with ideas. Keeping true to your tastes will naturally result in your event feeling authentic. Your guests will love recognising what makes you unique. Likewise, if you’re throwing a party or shower for a friend, incorporate their favourites into the event.


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