How to gratefully receive unwanted gifts. Like Aunt Beryl’s turkey-shaped turkey plate.

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Whether it’s your engagement, wedding, baby shower, kid’s party, or own birthday, you need a Thank You table. Your invites clearly state “no presents please”, but there’s no doubt that someone will show up with a gift. Either a rushed parent without time to read the fine print, or a well-meaning relative with a penchant for embroidered handkerchiefs. These unsolicited (and often unwanted) gifts will be handed to you while you’re busy welcoming guests, or to little Harley who will promptly drop the gift in a corner and run off to play. So how do you place a gift table at your door without confusing the guests who read your request and didn’t bring a gift? Enter, the Thank You table.

Introducing The Thank You Table (Any Why You Need One) by

How to

Position a table near the party entry, just like a normal gift table. Style the table to suit the theme of the party and include a bold Thank You sign. Now here’s the clever part. Scatter the table with party favours for your guests to take home. The table will look styled and complete, but not empty and expectant. Those who brought gifts will have a convenient table to leave their present when they arrive. Most importantly, you don’t look ungrateful because the Thank You table is suddenly dual purpose! Very crafty.

Introducing The Thank You Table (And Why You Need One) by Introducing The Thank You Table (And Why You Need It)

Our party favours were gold painted dinosaur toys. Cheap and cheerful for a kid’s party. The kids will love them because they get to choose their favourite dinosaur to take home after the party. Better yet, let them choose their dinosaur at the start of the party to use in a party game!

Introducing The Thank You Table (And Why You Need One) by

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