Create a romantic bridal bouquet or statement table centrepiece with flowers from your local grocery store, market, or your own garden. No foam needed!

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This short video tutorial shows you how to arrange a natural bouquet with common flowers you could find at your local grocery store, market, or in your garden at home. Just wait until you see what can be done with ornamental Kale! You won’t need any equipment for this arrangement. No mesh, foam, or florist wire. If the budget’s too tight for a florist use these simple tips and ideas to create a professional looking DIY wedding bouquet, a centrepiece for your next dinner party, or DIY table décor for any special occasion.

We’ll be making a weekly display for the OccasionLab office now that we know how to! A huge thanks to Claire of Kitchy Kitchen and Yasmine of Yasmine Floral Design for this brilliant instructional video. The rose bud trick to create romantic garden roses and your paper bag wrapper idea are ingenious Yasmine.



Header Photography: Kitchy Kitchen Video Still


Kitchy Kitchen


Yasmine Floral Design



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