Guests love gifting, but there are reasons you might not want wrapped presents at your event. Here’s how to provide alternatives without offence.

With Zara Harper

It’s a lovely idea to include a line regarding gifts with your party or wedding invitations. Your guests are definitely wondering so it’s important to let them know the situation. Perhaps you’re saving for a house deposit, would like them to donate to your preferred charity instead, or your guests might have travelled to your event and you simply want their company. Here are 10 ways to say ‘no gifts, thank you’ without offending your guests.

10 Ways To Say 'No Gifts' Without Offending Your Guests on OccasionLab

1. We have everything we need but too many in the world do not. If you’d like to gift something we ask that you gift a donation to our charity of choice here.

2. Please bring only your appetite and a well-practiced ‘Cheers!’

3. Our hearts are full. Our house is too. If you’re planning to give a gift, a new car is what we’re saving for.

4. Please gift us with the honour of your presence.

5. After 50 years we need nothing more. The very best present is you on the dance floor.

10 Ways To Say 'No Gifts' Without Offending Your Guests on OccasionLab

6. Your company is more than enough. If you must gift, our registry can be found here.

7. Please bring yourself and your dancing shoes.

8. There is nothing she needs, she has toys galore. The very best present is you at the door!

9. Gifts: We request a warm hug upon entry.

10. Please, no gifts. Your presence is present enough.

Check out Why People Say ‘No Gifts, Thanks' to find out whether or not this is the choice for you.


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