Spoil your fave parents-to-be with a beautiful baby shower fit for the twentyteens.

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We’ve reinvented wedding gifts to online cash funds for house deposits and honeymoons because we’re marrying later, cohabitating sooner, and already own too many champagne flutes. It’s time that baby showers followed suit and modernised. The modern parent might not want a disposable nappy cake or unsustainable toys, and they could be planning to clothe their baby in gender neutral colours. Which brings into question a baby shower full of gift wrapped plastic toys and pink onesies. Try our modern baby shower for your next pre-birth or adoption celebration! We've covered planning, gifting, décor, and the dreaded party games.

The Modern Baby Shower (psst, it's not all about Baby) on occasionlab.com

Daiga Ellaby

Start with what you know

Instead of guessing at a myriad of different parenting plans and ideas focus on what you know. You know it’s impossible to unearth every gift bias in a casual conversation. You know everyone wants to raise their baby differently. You know the parents. Oh wait, you know the parents! You know how they like their coffee, their favourite restaurant, their love of arthouse cinema, and that the cronut phase transformed them into terrifying pastry demons. Take this knowledge and throw a baby shower for the parents who are about to sacrifice that me-time for their child. Hire their favourite coffee stand, serve more cronuts than a party needs, and gift them babysitting pledges with personalised date night vouchers for when they need a break. Remind them that while you can’t wait to meet their new child, you’ll all be there to support them as parents in the years to come.

The Modern Baby Shower (psst, it's not all about Baby) on occasionlab.com


Make it beautiful

Now dab those happy tears and let’s make this party pretty! Your décor should tap into the parents’ style while keeping baby themed. Laying seasonal blooms between the cronut platters is a strong start. Follow it closely with a hanging greenery feature behind the food table. Sophisticated and fresh is what we’re after. Your friends will treasure this grown-up celebration when they’re covered in dubious goo and reading Winnie The Pooh (in character) for the hundredth time.

The Modern Baby Shower (psst it's not all about Baby) on occasionlab.com

Annie Spratt

Now if you want jaw dropping décor drama at this baby shower there’s only one solution. A balloon ceiling. Modern. On trend. Stunning. Create a blanket of balloons up high by tying a forearm length piece of fishing nylon to the end of each inflated latex balloon. Tie each piece of nylon to longer lengths that span the ceiling. You’ll need about 200 balloons for the average party table mingle area so enlist some helpers. When you’ve finished only the rounded tops of the balloons will be visible for a cute party style. If you’re working with a high ceiling make the space cosy by using oversized balloons.

The Modern Baby Shower (psst, it's not all about Baby) on occasionlab.com

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Entertain your guests

Amid all the décor excitement we almost forgot games. Stop eye rolling! We have a beautiful solution for this too. Avoid a humiliating viral video situation by opting for modern alternatives. Check out our article on modern baby shower game alternatives for modern inspiration and practical ideas.

The Modern Baby Shower (psst, it's not all about Baby) on occasionlab.com

Ryan Franco

It’s time to get busy party planners! Throw the parents to be a special occasion with these simple ideas. Remind them of what a wonderful support network they have as they enter this exciting phase of their life. This could be their first child or their fourth, they might have adopted, or are fostering. A modern celebration that speaks to who they are will suit any scenario. PS. No fainting while creating your balloon ceiling please. Use a pump instead of your lungs. Electric pumps are easiest, but inflating 200 balloons with a foot pump will make up for skipping yesterday’s work-out. Just saying.

The Modern Baby Showre (psst, it's not all about Baby) on occasionlab.com

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