PART TWO: Festive Treats to put your winter wonderland Christmas party on a pedestal.

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While those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are swanning by the pool from May to September, those of us down South are hitting the ski slopes. Come December, the Southern half of the globe is celebrating Christmas on the beach. We’re convinced that those closest to the South Pole have the seasons sorted. The only hiccup is that whether it’s July or December cold weather reminds us all of Christmas. Enter the mid-winter Christmas party.

A lovely reader asked for mid-winter Christmas party ideas so we’ve created a three-part series. On a silver platter. Sprinkled with festive spirit. You’re currently reading PART TWO.

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A Mid-Winter Christmas Party In July on

Jennifer Pallian

Whether you’re hosting a sit-down dinner or cocktail party kick off the occasion with small plates that people can nibble when they first arrive. This is the period when everyone catches up and raves about your gorgeous winter wonderland. Check out our Christmas Feast Ideas With A Healthy Twist article for menu inspiration.

A Mid-Winter Christmas Party In July on

Jennifer Pallian

When you’re ready for dessert it’s time to remind everyone that they’re in a Christmassy winter wonderland. Roll mini bliss balls in coconut to create snow balls. Set your snow balls in stacks on top of a coconut ice rink over a white chocolate cheesecake lake. If you’re overwhelmed with Christmas spirit (and we hope you are) create a Central Park scene using a bridge, trees, and rocks from a play set. How do I take it to the next level you ask? Decorate your miniature trees with red or green bakers twine. Then tag us in your photos! #occasionlab

A Mid-Winter Christmas Party In July on

Brooke Lark

If your dessert table is missing a statement piece try a DIY donut Christmas tree. Top your donuts with winter wonderland decorations before stacking them high in a Christmas tree shape. Layer snowy white icing, piped silver snowflakes, thinly sliced strawberries for Santa’s red and green, and a dusting of cinnamon. Gorgeous and delicious! Ditch the icing and add more strawberries to decorate refined sugar free donuts. Once you’ve stacked your donuts into a pyramid decorate your creation with edible flowers and cinnamon sticks. To finish wrap a thick ribbon around it like you would tinsel around a tree.

A Mid-Winter Christmas Party In July on

Whitney Wright

For a post-dessert treat serve a spiced tea of cinnamon, turmeric, and fresh grated ginger. For a sweet tooth try our creative hot chocolate. First, prepare a chocolate spoon that your guests will stir into hot milk. Pour melted chocolate onto a set of tea spoons while avoiding the handle. Lightly decorate each chocolate spoon with various hot chocolate flavours. Food Styling Tip: Get creative with dried edible petals, crushed cinnamon stick, rock salt, coconut, and chili for the brave. Once decorated cool the spoons until the chocolate sets and serve your pretty creations on an equally pretty tray with cups of steaming hot milk. If you prefer plain chocolate consider adding a little honey and vanilla extract to your milk mixture for a festive twist.

A Mid-Winter Christmas Party In July on

Mira Bozhko

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