PART ONE: Winter wonderland décor and styling. Christmas in July, here we come!

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While those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are swanning by the pool from May to September, those of us down South are hitting the ski slopes. Come December, the Southern half of the globe is celebrating Christmas on the beach. There's no doubt that those closest to the South Pole have the seasons sorted. The only hiccup is that whether it’s July or December cold weather reminds us all of Christmas. Enter the mid-winter Christmas party.

A lovely reader asked for mid-winter Christmas party ideas so we’ve created a three-part series. On a silver platter. Sprinkled with festive spirit. You’re currently reading PART ONE.

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Embrace winter with a winter wonderland theme this Christmas in July. If your goal is to create a mid-winter Christmas explosion, which of course it is, start with a dramatic hanging table centrepiece. Begin by wrapping lengths of craft wire into bauble shapes. They’ll look like circular scribbles of wire. Hang them low above the centre of your table with nylon wrapped in mistletoe. Modern festive décor with a traditional twist!

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If you have a food or bubbles table create a table runner with tall white candles. Weave greenery like ferns or fir between the candles and finish with silver spray painted pears or white origami doves nestled along the runner. If you prefer embracing all things tacky for Christmas (which is always a fun approach) try some looped paper streamers. Cut identical lengths of a thin strip of paper and tape the end of each piece to its other end for a circle shape. Loop each piece of paper through the last circle for an interlocked streamer. Metallic silver and white paper will provide a stylish winter wonderland finish while red and green will have a cosy Christmas tack feel.

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No Christmas décor is complete without a wreath hanging on the front door. Once your guests have arrived move your wreath to the party space for additional party style. Dual purpose décor! You could lean it against a cocktail mixing station or lie it on a dining table as a centrepiece. There are simple and complicated methods to creating a DIY wreath. As usual we’re suggesting the simple but effective approach. Start with the inner of a stitching hoop or a circle of thick craft wire. You can find this at your local hardware or craft store. Spray paint flexible branches of greenery and your hoop white. Stagger your white greenery around the hoop and fix it with florist wire or white tape. Repeat to fill in gaps until you have a lush wreath. Spray a final coat of paint to cover your wire or tape. DIY Styling Tip: If you’re struggling to hide your fixings weave a thick ribbon around the loop and between the foliage to cover them.

A Mid-Winter Christmas Party in July on

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For more foliage décor give our Greenery Wall Hanging DIY a go. It’s both gorgeous against the wall or made longer for a bohemian door curtain. Alternatively keep it festive with mistletoe bunches hanging from the ceiling. As well as being adorable the addition of greenery hanging from the ceiling will elevate your cute interlocked streamers to a modern style.

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Header Photography: Jennifer Pallian


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