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Dance floors are where wedding cakes are cut, first dances are waltzed, and Bon Jovi is sung just outside your vocal range. While it plays a practical role for these precious moments, your dance floor is also captured in every photo. We’ve all danced on lumpy floors and cringed at the scuffed black mass in first dance photos. For Levi Daniels, this isn’t good enough for your special event. He believes a dance floor should elevate the styling of your event and create an unforgettable celebration space. While fresh blooms make a dramatic table centrepiece, your dance floor is the centrepiece of your event. We asked Levi about luxury dance floors and how to choose the perfect style for your wedding, party, or event.

Vendor Spotlight // Perth Dance Floors Interview on OccasionLab.com

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Your dance floors are truly beautiful and have such an impact on the event style. Can you share how they help to create an unforgettable style?

“Years ago, dance floors were only used for dancing, these days they are much more of a show piece … when they are matched correctly with styling they can have a dramatic effect on any event. I love the different range of styles we have to offer. It’s so satisfying receiving photos from our clients when the dance floor fits in perfectly with everything else.” “It is a lot of responsibility but I think that’s also what drives us.”

“The most important thing about any installation is positioning. Being such a large object, it’s vital that the dance floor is positioned correctly.” Levi explains that there are a lot of factors to consider when positioning a dance floor. If there’s a bridal table in front of the floor, or a chandelier directly above, these become anchor points that need to be worked with. If guests entered an event and the dance floor was positioned correctly they’d be unlikely to notice, but if a chandelier was off-centre that would be glaringly obvious for all the wrong reasons. “Our Starlight dance floor is the only floor which requires a power feed and we've become masters at hiding it over the years.”

Vendor Spotlight // Perth Dance Floors Interview on OccasionLab.com

Courtesy of Perth Dance Floors // Full vendor credits at end of article

How soon before an event should people hire their dance floor?

“Definitely the sooner the better. Some weekends next year are already fully booked for us.” There are plenty of floors in their warehouse, “but given the variety of styles we offer there’s only so much stock we can carry in a particular style”.

The most important info is gathered via an enquiry form on the website, then the team works with clients and their venue to select the perfect sized dance floor. “We have sizing guides that match floors with guest numbers, but knowing your venue is far more important.” With plenty of experience in the events industry, Levi knows how stressful it can be organising a wedding or party. “We liaise with all of the venues directly so that our clients have one less thing to worry about.”

This all sounds exciting and varied, but also very busy. How does an average event day run for your team?

“All the prepping is done midweek but the real fun starts at the weekend. A weekend can start as early as 5am and finish around 6pm, not to mention midnight pick-ups.” Summer is the height of event season. “Hours and days change from week to week which keeps things interesting.” As a summer weekend approaches each dance floor needs to be cleaned, polished, and packed for installation. “When it comes to installation times we try to be as flexible as we can with our clients and venues. We ask our clients for a time frame in which they would prefer us to arrive and then we schedule our day around that.” The installation team tries to get in as early as possible, but occasionally a venue won’t open their doors until 4pm which makes for a speedy set up before a 5pm reception. Pulling off an event takes plenty of hands. “Working in with other vendors is crucial in this industry! We often see the same faces, so being flexible with other vendors really helps everyone.” Our heads are spinning just imagining this summer weekend chaos, but Levi assures us that “end of shift drinks have never been missed”!

Vendor Spotlight // Perth Dance Floors Interview on OccasionLab.com

Courtesy of Perth Dance Floors // Full vendor credits at end of article

Can you run through the floor options you have available and what types of events they’re most commonly used for?

“Our White Gloss dance floors work perfectly indoors, especially with venues that offer lots of natural light. Natural light can really 'make or break’ a dance floor, but we spend so much time and energy in maintaining the gloss look of these floors that we encourage it.” Levi tells us that white gloss floors will be a classic dance floor style for years to come.

“Our Dark Oak dance floors really compliment outdoor venues, especially wineries where exposed timber can be seen.” It suits a vintage or rustic style of event, as well as fall and winter occasions because dark woods have a warming feel.

“The White Washed Oak dance floor is often used by clients who want a white dance floor but don’t want it to be the main centrepiece of the event. It's predominately white, but has lots of timber knots and natural defects running through it which gives the floor a lot of character. It produces a softer look in comparison with our white gloss floors.”

“The Starlight LED dance floor has long been a fan favourite. It looks great in photos and is the centrepiece of any event, but until you have danced on it you don’t know how much fun it brings to the party. My wife and I had this at our wedding and it invited up guests that I’ve never seen dance before!”

The team offers customised decals on all their floors. “It’s a great way for clients to make their dance floor personalised and unique, which we love.” “We’ve customised a 6 x 6 metre Monopoly dance floor for a client! This was by far our most stressful job so far but once it was finished it was also the most satisfying. The bride’s sister personalised the Monopoly board so it was tailored to the bride and groom.” The team printed the design and laminated it so the ink wouldn’t scuff, then fixed it to a gloss dance floor, ready for the wedding. “You only get one chance with installs like that so your nerves do get the better of you.”

Vendor Spotlight // Perth Dance Floors Interview on OccasionLab.com

Courtesy of Perth Dance Floors // Full vendor credits at end of article

We’ve all suffered uneven dance floors. How do you achieve such flawless floors?

Because the team specialises solely in dance floors, “All our time and energy goes into our floors, so we are constantly improving the way they function and look.” “We source handcrafted floors from all over the world but our very first floor came from the UK. It was by far the most expensive floor of its style but we wanted to enter the industry with a premium quality product. It was a decision I’m grateful for as this particular dance floor is still going strong.” Perth Dance Floor’s latest floors are manufactured in-house because they can’t find any manufacturers that offer the quality and style their clients want. The fact that Levi’s a qualified carpenter ensures that their luxury floors are of the highest quality.

With so much use, including high heels, how do you keep the floors in such perfect condition?

Levi laughs “with great difficulty! Keeping the floors in mint condition has been my biggest challenge yet. We have really good methods in place now but it took a lot of trial and error”. Safety is also a carefully considered factor. Every dance floor has a non-slip edge to avoid ankle rolls and tumbles.

What advice do you have for people planning a celebration or wedding?

It’s important to book your must-have vendors as soon as possible. “There’s nothing worse than following a company on Instagram for years and loving their work only to find out they’re booked on the date that you want them.” Levi also recommends checking reviews before you choose your vendor. “Most suppliers will tell you that they’re the best in the business but it’s always good to hear what their clients have to say.”

Levi, we’d love to know which floor you’d use if you were throwing an event.

“I think I would have to go with a black gloss dance floor with gold edging and a gold chrome decal. You’ll be seeing a few of them next season!”

Vendor Spotlight // Perth Dance Floors Interview on OccasionLab.com

Courtesy of Perth Dance Floors // Full vendor credits at end of article


Perth Dance Floors was established in 2014 after owner Levi Daniels identified a gap in the market for high end, luxury dance floors. Perth Dance Floors are constantly evolving their floor styles to keep up with client demands and trends.



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