We talk pre-event beauty routines, hair and beauty trends, timeless elegance, and all things beauty business with Linsey Snyder Wachalter.

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In an industry full of lone wolves, beauty powerhouse Linsey runs a team of beauty professionals worldwide, as well as from bases across the U.S. The bubbly Linsey gave us a rundown on her business, pre-wedding and pre-event beauty routines, underrated ponytails, her go-to beauty brands, and so much more! With a pool of 28 professionals Face Time Beauty has the expertise to tackle every beauty requirement. You might've spotted them at a fashion shoot, wedding, or event, focussing on modern, elegant looks that enhance each client’s natural beauty.

Vendor Spotlight // Face TIme Beauty Interview on occasionlab.com

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OL Let’s kick off with current trends. What are you and your clients loving?

LSW “Half-up hair is big these days. I think it doesn’t feel as dated as some super intricate up-dos can feel. Brides are liking flowy, effortless, yet polished looking hair. A lot of brides have even been wearing their hair all down, parted in the middle. If the hair has some pretty, cascading waves popped in, they can easily pull it into a pretty low pony when they start to dance – it will still look great! Makeup is modern with an emphasis on the curves of the face. I’m not seeing as much heavy contouring but if a bride has great cheekbones, let’s highlight them! Our artists tend to find a great feature on the client and then play that feature up while tying in the rest of the face. It’s simply the most timeless and natural way to do makeup.”

Vendor Spotlight // Face TIme Beauty Interview on occasionlab.com

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OL Natural products have become… almost a movement. How do you embrace that as beauty professionals?

LSW “I love it! I think that natural products are amazing. For every-day, natural makeup and hair is great. I love coconut oil and jojoba oil for moisture on hair, nails, and skin. I slather coconut oil on my clean, exfoliated face at night and it’s the best.

But I also see a need for a non-natural product in the mix. For a bride on her wedding day we’re often going up against extreme weather and need longevity on our side. We tend to use anything that gets the job done, and done well. This means that we may not choose the natural product over the unnatural product. But our bodies can handle it once in a while. Longevity is the most important. We need the hair and makeup to stay for hours and hours – we have secret solutions for that!”

OL How can we achieve effortless beauty ourselves for a rehearsal dinner, as a wedding guest, or even a night out?

LSW “I think the ponytail is underrated! It’s such a great style and is totally timeless. If you pop some curls in your hair with a curling iron and pull your hair into a low or middle ponytail, it’s so chic! Add a little red lipstick and mascara and you’ll look polished and pulled together without going over the top.”

Vendor Spotlight // Face TIme Beauty Interview on occasionlab.com

Photography: Judy Pak Photography // Full credits at end of article

OL What pre-wedding or pre-event beauty routines do you recommend to your clients? 

LSW “6 months before start exfoliating 2 or 3 times a week. I cannot emphasize how important this is for our skin health and appearance. Drink tonnes of water and use products that feel good. Trust yourself when it comes to products and listen to your body. Coconut oil is great for me, but it makes some people break out. If it makes you break out, try something else. Don't drink alcohol, don’t smoke, and get lots of rest. Be sure to moisturize every single night and your skin will be great by the wedding day.”

OL Deciding on a wedding beauty style can be overwhelming, especially with limited beauty knowledge. Where’s a good place to start?

LSW “I think you have to go back to basics. Decide what you are most comfortable with and build on that for the wedding. If you’re trying to be something you’re not just for the big day that’s a mistake, because although it may look amazing, you will never feel comfortable. If you wear Chapstick every day and ripped jeans, don’t opt for a structured top bun and heavy makeup. If you’re inspired by a certain look you see, bring it to your artist and together create a version that feels right for you.

Pinterest is a great resource. I also love to see pictures of the bride when they think they look their absolute best, and any pictures that show what makeup and hair they don’t like. It’s just as important to see what people don’t like as it is to see what they do like. Event details are great for us to see, even if it’s pictures of the flowers or venue. It all gives us a visual of what style of bride we are working with and what type of event it’s going to be. A black-tie event will have a different look and vibe to a beach wedding.”

Vendor Spotlight // Face TIme Beauty Interview on occasionlab.com

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OL How does your team pair up the right professionals with each client, understand a client’s vision,  agree on a style and approach, then pull it all off on schedule?

LSW “Katherine, our amazing coordinator, knows the ins and outs of our team. She studies their personalities, their makeup and hair style, the way that they carry themselves, all the way to their background, experience levels, and hobbies. This not only helps her pair clients with the right team beauty-wise, it also ensures that they’ll feel comfortable and have compatible personalities. There’s so much more to it behind the scenes then anyone realizes! We have meetings daily about who we think would be best for each client.

We get a tonne of good info from the bride before and during the trial. Photos and words play a huge role. There are key words we look for when a bride is explaining her style. We note words like flowy, romantic, soft, structured, etc. Most bridesmaids let our artists and stylists know what they want when they’re actually in the chair. With that said, we have had brides dictate exactly what they want for their bridal party. Every bride is different.

We also talk about the schedule, how we see the beauty portion of the day flowing, and ask about the others getting their hair and makeup done. This all comes together when Katherine puts together the beauty timeline.”

OL How did the Face Time Beauty journey begin? 

LSW “I was in the NYC restaurant industry and I wanted to change career paths. In fact, I wanted to own my own business and I knew that I was interested in makeup, so I took the plunge. I started my own cosmetic line. Although that didn’t totally take-off I ended up breaking even and referring to that experience as my ‘business school’. I learned so much in those first few years but the most important lesson of all was that confidence is key to success! You have to believe in yourself and your product wholeheartedly in order to persuade others to feel the same. Through my cosmetic line I met decision makers and event planners who ultimately hired me, and later my team, to work with them on their projects. I decided to drop the cosmetic line and focus solely on service. It was much more fun, and more lucrative. From there I built Face Time Beauty.”

Vendor Spotlight // Face TIme Beauty Interview on occasionlab.com

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OL What’s a beauty concierge!?

LSW “The concierge part is basically a nod to the beauty needs of clients during their planning process. Our brides often call us with questions like “I need a wax before the wedding, where do I go?” and we will gladly make an appointment for them with our trusted sources. We also help brides with appointments for hair accessories, hair extensions, eyelash extensions, facials, micro-blading, etc. Over the years in business we have cultivated relationships with people who we trust and can count on and we send our brides and clients to this edited group of people for help with services that we don’t provide in house.”

OL How does a wedding day usually run with Face Time Beauty on the job?

LSW “It’s always super smooth. We keep it simple and we prepare so that on the wedding day there are never hiccups. For example, we send out call sheets a week in advance so our team is up to date on exactly what is expected of them. The call sheets are incredibly detailed so there are no grey areas. Katherine and I are always right by our phones in case anyone needs help or if there’s a last-minute adjustment. With that said, it all boils down to the team and we have a great one. We trust our people and we give them ways to deal with anything that may come up, so they know exactly what to do.

I think our customer service is superior and we’re able to give our clients incredible attention to detail. Seeing what I’ve seen out there, I don’t know how anyone can get married and ‘hope’ that their beauty team will show up. We weed out the hairstylists and makeup artists that aren’t up to par and only work with the best. Our bride not only has a stylist and artist behind her on the day, but there’s an entire team ready to help during the planning process.

We have back up in case anything happens on the actual wedding day. For example, if the family decide they want hair and makeup that morning we could very quickly gather a team. Or if (knock on wood) something happened with one of our stylists or artists we have others that can jump on the event. This has never happened, but we have back up so our clients are never left high and dry. This is why couples and event planners look to us for their events. They want to be confident that we’ve got it together and know that they can count on us.”

Vendor Spotlight // Face TIme Beauty Interview on occasionlab.com

Photography: Mademoiselle Fiona // Full credits at end of article

OL Face Time Beauty has bases in New York, SoCal, Palm Beach, Nashville, and your team travels worldwide. Is that exhausting or fantastic?

LSW “We love to travel and travel often. It keeps it fun! It’s great for our team to be able to get out for the day and travel upstate or to the Hamptons for a wedding. We created a few outlets where we wanted to set some roots and it worked. There are reasons for being in SoCal, Palm Beach, and Nashville. We have certain connections and clients there that we like to accommodate.

Hours can be tough when traveling but our clients are understanding. They know that the quality of service depends on our artist’s health, sleep, and food. Our team members are great and don’t require crazy accommodations, but if they’re working a full day it’s only fair to ask for some lunch!”

OL Do you have any go-to beauty brands?

LSW “So, so, many! But a few favorites are Karastase, Oribe, Nars, Laura Mercier, Makeup Forever, Chanel… etc, etc. We love so many.”

Vendor Spotlight // Face TIme Beauty Interview on occasionlab.com

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Face Time Beauty is a team of 28 beauty gurus, including top makeup artists, hairstylists, spray tanners, and manicurists who travel the world to perfectly polish and primp an array of private clients.

Face Time’s founder and owner, Linsey Snyder Wachalter, believes that women should feel beautiful and confident through all lifes journeys. Her focus is to design modern and elegant looks to bring out each client’s natural beauty and complement their unique features.



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