An emotional destination proposal video overlooking the Aegean Sea in Santorini, Greece. Yes, we're crying!

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This sweet love story is full of awws and ahhs, so snuggle up in a comfy corner and grab a box of tissues because we’re jumping right in. “Billy and I have been together for about a year and a half. Being with him is unlike anything I’ve experienced in my life. After just two months we were both certain that we’d found our soulmate.” *We reach for the tissues*

Chetti’s family take an annual vacation and this year Billy was invited. “We’d just arrived in Santorini for a private boat charter and dinner with my family and friends. The last thing I expected on this trip was a proposal. Billy’s friend James (a phenomenal photographer) suggested that we take some photos before dinner and I jumped at the idea. Billy totally Al Pacino’d me by pretending to be sick and said he’d meet me at the photos.”

Proposal Story // Chetti + Billy on

“Once Billy arrived we started posing for pictures and he began repeating “You’re my best friend” and kissing me. I replied with, “Billy you can tell me later, you’re going to be wearing my lip gloss if you keep kissing me”! Then he reached into his pocket and started yanking. I had no idea that something was up. I asked what he was doing, and he said that his wallet was stabbing him. I burst into hysterical nervous laughter while thinking ‘okay, act cool, if you react and nothing’s happening you’ll look like an idiot’. Billy made his way over and repeated “You’re my best friend”, but this time he pulled a ring box from his pocket, got on one knee, and continued “but I don’t like calling you my best friend anymore, I think I’d rather call you my fiancé for a little while”. My hysterical laughter became hysterical crying and I couldn’t contain myself. The love of my life was asking me to spend forever with him. It was one of the best moments I have ever experienced.”

Proposal Story // Chetti + Billy on Proposal Story // Chetti + Billy on Proposal Story // Chetti + Billy on

“When Billy opened the Raineri Blue ring box not only was the ring of my dreams inside, but the design was from a line of engagement rings I had created for my father. My father, the first man I ever loved, was the jeweller who handcrafted the ring.”

Proposal Story // Chetti + Billy on Proposal Story // Chetti + Billy on

“Billy had arranged for an engagement dinner just two minutes away. So, there we were, on a rooftop in Santorini, Greece, surrounded by my family and friends on one of the most important days of our life together.”


“We were able to soak in our engagement for a few weeks until we realized that we needed to jump on a date if we wanted to get married in fall next year. The wedding planning has begun but we have allowed plenty of time to spread it out.” Bride-To-Be Advice: “My wedding planning advice is to include your spouse in as much of the planning as possible. It’s so great to see your ideas come together and it’s a wonderful way to spend some time together!”

Proposal Story // Chetti + Billy on


Chetti (Concetta Raineri) is a singer and songwriter who is currently creating music for television and film. “I love being an artist and releasing solo music but there’s something special about using your composition for a large project. It’s both a collaborative and personal experience.”



Venue: Ambassador Hotel, Santorini // Engagement Ring: @RaineriJewelers // Engagement Photography: @insyncphotography // Wedding Venue: El Caribe Caterers



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