Four tips for planning the stress-free wedding dress shopping day you’ll remember forever.

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Combine exquisite wedding gowns with sipping Champagne all day, and wedding dress shopping becomes an experience surpassed only by the wedding day itself. Wedding dress shopping is, hands down, the best part of wedding planning!

In this fun, practical guide to wedding dress shopping we’ll reveal to you four tips every bride should follow for the most memorable shopping day of her life. Let’s create a stress-free experience you'll remember with a smile.

Wedding Dress Shopping Guide To A Drama-Free Day

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Choose the right tribe

You’ll hear that the wedding day is your day, but trust us, the wedding dress shopping day is your day. Shopping for a wedding dress is your chance to be unashamedly self-centred. Turn this day into a special experience by inviting your bridesmaids, and family members whose opinions matter to you. Do you want cheerleaders, unbridled honesty, a day spiced with comedy, or all of the above? Choose wisely.

Wedding Dress Shopping Guide To A Drama-Free Day

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Make a day of it

Who said wedding dress shopping should be a tedious experience? With a bit of creativity, you can make it fun for everyone involved. Here’s an ice breaker sure to have everyone in fits of laughter. Provide your entourage with stylish signs numbered 1-5 (or thumbs up/thumbs down) to rate the dresses. Later on, end the day at a restaurant where everyone can discuss the dresses you tried… over more celebratory bubbles!

Do your homework

Be well prepared to ensure the day is a memorable experience. If you want a privatised service, book the bridal boutique(s) you’ve chosen months in advance to make sure you get the exclusive treatment you’ve been dreaming of. Let them know if anyone in your bridal party doesn’t drink alcohol so they can arrange an alternative drink. You’re such a considerate bride.

Go for the right size

Wedding dresses come with a size tag. That little number we foolishly obsess over. Our advice to you is to completely ignore it. None of your guests will know the size of your wedding dress, but everyone will see how stunning a perfectly fitted dress looks on you.

Wedding Dress Shopping Guide To A Drama-Free Day

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Shift your focus to the reflection in the mirror (and comments from your entourage). Alterations are inevitable with wedding dresses, so bear in mind that any dress can be taken in, but very few can be let out.

With a dedicated entourage, simple planning, and some activities to make the day lively and fun you’re sure to have a magical wedding dress shopping experience. You absolutely deserve this, so lap it up and enjoy every moment!


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