Two-minute dip, for simple and delicious entertaining. Perfect for cheeseboards, corn chips, or a super quick salad dressing.

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If you're into simple but impressive, you're going to love the layered approach to making this dip. It takes two minutes to throw together, tastes delicious, and gives any cheeseboard a polished look. There’s no prep required, so if you’re running late you can easily do this one in front of guests. All you need are these basic ingredients in the kitchen:

Yogurt – natural, unsweetened, thick

Honey (three options: use a runny variety, melt solid honey, or crumble honey comb)


Rosemary sprig

Yogurt Honey Walnut Rosemary Dip Recipe

Replenish the ingredients as you use them, so you’ll always be ready to layer this two-minute dip when faced with last minute entertaining (or last minute embellishment). It looks more impressive than an emergency supply of store-bought dips, and pairs well with plenty of foods.

Styling Tip: If you’re creating a large platter consider making multiple small dips to spread around the dish.

How to

Spoon a layer of the yogurt into a serving ramakin or bowl

Top with a sprinkling of hand-crushed walnuts

Spoon another layer of the yogurt

Top with another sprinkling of hand-crushed walnuts

Continue this until the serving dish is almost full

Yogurt Honey Walnut Rosemary Dip Recipe

Pour the runny honey, or crumble honey comb on top. If you’re pouring, do it very lightly in a spiral or zig zag pattern. This way some yogurt will still be visible, instead of covering the dip with honey.

Finish with a light sprinkling of hand-crushed walnuts

Yogurt Honey Walnut Rosemary Dip Recipe

Plant a sprig of rosemary, and that’s it! Pick at the rosemary leaves if you like, or simply enjoy its bouquet and the visual effect.

Serving Tip: This dip is delicious with natural corn chips! Try carrot and celery sticks as well. The honey adds a sweet flavour to the fresh vegetables, while the tart yogurt is so refreshing.

Yogurt Honey Walnut Rosemary Dip Recipe Yogurt Honey Walnut Rosemary Dip Recipe Yogurt Honey Walnut Rosemary Dip Recipe Yogurt Honey Walnut Rosemary Dip Recipe

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