Elevate your table setting with natural wood place card bases. Four easy steps to a next level table setting.

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These wood place card bases are sure to join your entertaining go-tos. Right alongside that olive oil cauliflower rice trick and your antique cupcake stand. Place cards themselves are a gorgeous surprise for guests. Without fail they add a finished polish to any dinner party or birthday table setting. As a bonus, they ensure everyone mingles and feuding exes are avoided. Get ready to transform you table décor with the addition of these natural wooden place card bases.


Tree branch (approx. 5cm/2 inches diameter)

Sandpaper (medium to light weight)

Hacksaw or toothed electric blade

How to

Saw 3-4cm/1-1.5 inch discs off your branch. The discs don’t have to be evenly sized, the beauty of using natural wood for these place card bases is that no two are the same. We used Silver Birch (Birchwood) tree branches for their soft white wood. Store branches from pruning season in a dry location until you’re ready for this project. If you don’t own trees, try foraging in your local park or forest for fallen branches. If you have white bark, you can achieve a bright white by lightly cleaning the discs under water with a gentle detergent. We opted for au naturel.


DIY Wood Place Card Bases

Using the sandpaper, sand the top face smooth to reveal the wood’s natural ring pattern. Sanding the bottom will avoid your table surface being scratched, or a delicate table runner being pulled.

Identify the top & bottom faces of each disc. Top is the prettiest. Bottom is the most stable. Cut across the centre of each top face with your saw. Cutting such a small area can be tricky with a hacksaw. Start sawing lightly near the handle end of the blade to reduce wobble, minimising missed cuts across the top. Once the blade can sit nicely in the cut you’ve made, you can increase speed and pressure and use the full length of the blade. Cut as deep as you need for your place cards to sit securely. Once you’ve finished you may need to re-sand the top to remove any stray cuts.

DIY Wood Place Card Bases DIY Wood Place Card Bases DIY Wood Place Card Bases

We cut our place cards from an old Möet & Chandon box because the box interior had a beautiful textured pattern. Cut yours to whichever size you prefer, in a colour that matches your occasion’s style.

DIY Wood Place Card Bases

If your dinner parties tend to get a little messy, add a coat of stain proof varnish. Now you can invite that excitable friend who only drinks red wine! Wood place card bases add charm to a chic style occasion, like this bridal shower. Alternatively they pair perfectly with a rustic style. Try a thick hessian or linen runner and bunches of wild flowers along the middle of your table.

DIY Wood Place Card Bases DIY Wood Place Card Bases DIY Wood Place Card Bases

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