Make a classy Bride-To-Be sash with rustic hessian burlap.

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If your bestie deserves an original bachelorette sash that she’ll treasure forever, then go handmade. This hessian sash (or burlap, for the US and Canada) with rustic chunky bows looks gorgeous and will be appreciated long after the hen party celebration. Bonus - it’s surprisingly easy to make. There’s a no-stitch option that uses fabric glue, so all you need to do is cut and stick! For those of you who prefer to avoid the mess, simple needle and thread stitches will secure the bows and letters in place. If you’re unsure which colours the bride-to-be would prefer, go with the wedding colour palette. If the wedding palette is a secret, it’s a safe gamble that your wedding invitation matches the theme of the big day. Or at the very least it’ll use colours the bride likes.

Need style inspiration? Check out our Rustic Countryside Style Guide + Mood Board (including a colour palette)!


Hessian or Burlap

Thin ribbon (around 5mm/0.2 inches wide)

Medium ribbon (around 1.5cm/0.6 inches wide)

Thick ribbon (around 5cm/2 inches wide)

Fabric scissors

Fabric glue or needle and thread


DIY Bridal Shower Sash

How to

Measure and cut a strip of hessian to your desired width and length. This one is 13cm/5 inches wide so we could fit a gorgeous chunky bow at the top to finish the rustic style. The length is 160cm/63 inches. It’s a good idea to sling a measuring tape around someone of a similar size and shape to the bride-to-be as a guide. Ideally, the joining seam will sit over the hip.

Tip: Use proper fabric scissors if you can – hessian is tough. Mark a path on the back side to help you cut straight as hessian likes to skew under pressure.

DIY Bridal Shower Sash

We’ll fix our first, and chunkiest, bow 10cm/4 inches below the half way mark. Fasten the bow perpendicular to the sash length. Either use fabric glue, or a couple of stitches with needle and thread. Using your medium width ribbon in a secondary colour, nestle another bow just below the big one. Fix in place.

DIY Bridal Shower Sash DIY Bridal Shower Sash DIY Bridal Shower Sash

Measure 18cm/7 inches down the front from the middle of the bows. This is where we’ll start our letter B using the thin ribbon. Colour matching either the big bow or smaller bow promises you a consistent sash style. Sling the sash over a nearby model or chair to help attach the letters the correct way up. The letters sit best at 6cm/2.3 inches in height x 4cm/1.5 inches wide. Centre your letters in the middle of the sash with approx. 3cm/1.2 inches between each letter. Mark out your letter with pins, or a paper template, then attach the ribbon – either with fabric glue again, or needle and thread.

DIY Bridal Shower Sash DIY Bridal Shower Sash

Finish your sash by joining the two end pieces and trimming any excess hessian.

DIY Bridal Shower Sash

There’s no doubt that your sash is perfect. But, let’s go one step further because there’s no better opportunity for cute-overload than at a bridal shower! Gather fresh flowers or greenery (depending on your colour theme) to fix to the sash. You’ll need to do this on the morning of the occasion so your cuttings aren’t wilted. While you’re at it, why not gather some extra leaves to use as confetti for when the bride-to-be arrives at her party!

At the bottom of this article you'll find other ideas for sashes - including a cheeky bridal shower game.

DIY Bridal Shower Sash DIY Bridal Shower Sash DIY Bridal Shower Sash


Kids Birthday Game. Prepare pre-joined mini sashes using calico fabric. Supply the kids with stickers, glitter glue, fabric markers, and let them go wild decorating their own party sash.

Baby Shower Game. Prepare a pre-joined hessian sash. Ask guests to peg well-wishing messages for the parents-to-be on the sash throughout the event.

Bridal Shower / Bachelorette Party / Hen Party Game. Give each guest their own pre-joined calico sash with a fabric marker attached with string. By the end of the event everyone needs to have gathered a funny, sweet, or embarrassing story about the bride-to-be from the other guests. Then it’s sharing time! The sashes make a hilarious keepsake for the guests or the bride-to-be.

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