How to mini macramé party favours (or a miniature wall hanging) for your next soiree.

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Are you super busy, but love spoiling friends with DIY party favours? Same! So we created a simple but gorgeous mini macramé party favour how-to. Straight forward knots, repeated, so you can get the hang of it quickly and can knock out a few in one evening. Dinner party or wedding, these are just the sweetest gifts for your guests. They’re also the perfect length to sit on top of a place setting.






DIY Mini Macramé Party Favours

How to

Look for a straight-ish twig approx. 15cm/6 inches and remove any leaves. If you’re not near nature, half of an old wooden clothes hanger bar works just as well.

Secure your twig firmly to a stable surface with tape. Alternatively, make two paper loops for the twig to slot into, in case the knots don’t play nicely and the twig needs to be removed for knot-manipulation (tugging, squashing, mild swearing).

Cut 10 pieces of string to 90cm/35.5 inches each. Budget tip: Plain string from your local hardware store is cheaper than macramé cord and is perfect for this small scale.

Fold each piece of string in half and wrap the looped end under your twig. Pull the loose ends through the loop and pull tight against the twig. Do the same for each piece of string, spaced evenly along your twig.

DIY Mini Macramé Party Favours DIY Mini Macramé Party Favours DIY Mini Macramé Party Favours

The first knot is simple, so let’s jump in! Starting with the two left-most pieces of string, take the piece on the right (second in from the left-hand side), and hold it straight. Loop the left most piece of string over the top of the one you are holding and back under it. Pull tight against the twig to form a basic knot. Just like tying shoelaces. Repeat this basic knot for each pair, left to right.

DIY Mini Macramé Party Favours DIY Mini Macramé Party Favours

Now that you’re warmed up let's try a square knot (easier than it sounds). Square knots are common in macramé and simple once you’ve done a couple. Start on the left again using the first four pieces of string. Taking the string furthest left, lay it across the next three. It should look like the number 4.

DIY Mini Macramé Party Favours

Now slip the right-hand side string under the two middle pieces.

DIY Mini Macramé Party Favours

Pull the left and right string to form a knot below the twig. Repeat once to complete the square. Nice! 

DIY Mini Macramé Party Favours

Repeat with each set of four pieces of string, to complete the row. Once you have a full row of square knots, repeat for double square knots. We've left the top row of knots looser so these steps are easier to follow, but feel free to tighten yours.

To continue the pattern, start your next row of double square knots two string pieces in from the left-hand side, and end it two string pieces short of the right-hand side.

DIY Mini Macramé Party Favours

To complete the pattern, do another double square knot row including the end pieces of string you left out last time. Leave the same space between the second and third rows as you did between the first and second rows of double square knots. Fun Fact: During the lengthy history of macramé it was used by sailors for decorative knife handles, bottle holders and netting.

DIY Mini Macramé Party Favours

For a tidy finish, tie a row of double half hitch knots. While it sounds fancy, this is a simpler knot than the square you’ve already mastered. Essentially, you tie all the other pieces of string to the left most piece of string on a diagonal slant. Let’s go – take your left most piece of string and hold it taught across the other pieces on a diagonal angle. Check that all your pieces of string are in order. Take the string beside your left most string, bring it under the left most piece of string and loop it over the top toward the right-hand side, then loop it back under and pull it loosely into place. Repeat this across the row.

DIY Mini Macramé Party Favours DIY Mini Macramé Party Favours

Now that you have a cascading row of diagonal knots, tie the row off. To do this take your original left most piece of string (now your right most piece of string) and do a basic knot (think shoelaces) with the string beside it. This just keeps the end tidy and not too loose. Trim the tail string flush or diagonally to finish.

DIY Mini Macramé Party Favours

As a dinner party or wedding favour mini macramé sit best without a hanger. If you’re hanging your creation at home, or gifting it as wall décor, make a simple hanger. Loop a couple of pieces of string at your preferred length under the twig and pull the end through just like the first knot we did. Do one for each side and tie at the top. Gorgeous! If you're hosting a baby shower or bridal shower, it's a lovely idea for guests to peg wishes and advice to your macramé wall hanging. You can also make this into a game. Pre-string enough sticks for everyone attending your gathering, along with our printable DIY instructions. Race each other to finish the macramé, and whichever looks the best, wins!

DIY Mini Macramé Party Favours DIY Mini Macramé Party Favours

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