Style your event with a fresh cut wall hanging. Perfect for weddings, birthdays, baby showers, and Mondays.

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We’re loving natural décor style here at OccasionLab. Thankfully this DIY hanger transitions through seasons and holidays for a year-round wall feature. Hang fallen leaves for an autumn or fall wedding, pine cones at a winter dinner party, and fresh cut blooms above your spring birthday picnic. If you’re after an attention seeking fall-to-the-floor backdrop, simply add string length. It’s also gorgeous as home décor between events, which shortens your to-do list when throwing the next party!


Tree branch (cut the length to fit your space)



Small wooden pegs

Greenery, flowers, fabric bows, seed pods, tassels (peg or tie anything you like to the hanger)

Greenery Wall Hanging DIY OccasionLab

How to

We’ve used a silver birch tree for the beautiful speckled white bark, but any tree branch will work. If it isn’t pruning season, check whether your local floral market can order a branch for you. Better yet, try foraging at your local park after a strong wind.

Decide how long you want the string to hang and tie identical lengths to your branch. Shuffle the knot you’ve tied to be as visible or invisible as you like. Space the string along the branch at intervals, dependent on the materials you’ll be pegging. We’ve left enough room for our leaves to drape at natural angles, yet not appear crowded. Trim the bottom of your string lengths evenly.

Greenery Wall Hanging DIY OccasionLab Greenery Wall Hanging DIY OccasionLab Greenery Wall Hanging DIY OccasionLab

Peg your greenery (or other items) to the string. Stagger them vertically, unless you’re going for a polished grid effect. Styling Tip: The grid effect works best with bows, and flora sans stem. When a stem is attached the flowers or leaves tend to hang naturally. Our style of greenery wall hanging exaggerates this natural chaos. We’ve overlapped the greenery along our string for a free flowing, natural feel. We’ve also adjusted the pegs to sit at different angles. If you’re creating a polished style, remember to fix your pegs at identical angles.

Greenery Wall Hanging DIY OccasionLab

Make a string hanger with your remaining string by cutting two identical lengths. Calculate your preferred length by draping a piece of string from each end of your branch over a finger positioned above the centre of the branch. This finger is acting as the hook or nail that the wall hanging will hang from. We’ve set our branch to hang approx. 40cm/16 inches below a hook or nail. Once you’ve cut your string lengths fold each piece in half. Place a piece under each end of the branch with the looped end peeking out the bottom. Pull the two loose ends over the branch and through the looped end. Pull tight. Tie a single shoelace knot with the loose ends for a triangle hanger.

Greenery Wall Hanging DIY OccasionLab

That’s it! Enjoy your greenery wall hanging. Or your whatever-you-want-to-hang wall hanging. For the holidays try cinnamon scrolls and pine needles for a festive twist. In February peg paper cut hearts and chocolates for Valentine's. We also love hanging lavender until dry for a beautiful, scented display.

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