Wow your friends with delicious cheeseboards and creative food styling this party season.

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The trick to styling a cheeseboard is using a wide variety of ingredients. The classic cheese-cracker-dip combo is out. Instead, using multiple ingredients that can be picked at or layered is in, in, in! I style my platters two ways: one – bountiful and messy; two – minimal and tidy. The first approach works perfectly if your theme is country chic, you’re hosting an outdoor picnic, or a wholesome meal will follow the cheeseboard. The second approach suits a high-class dinner party or wedding with petite plates to follow. Whether your occasion is a baby shower, engagement, wedding, birthday, or bridal shower, there’s always a cheeseboard to match.

Here’s some inspiration I whipped up in case you’re too busy to be creative, and simply want a cheeseboard to copy. Each platter takes under five minutes to throw together, including unpackaging. Five, five minute cheeseboards... just what you’ve been waiting for, yes? Scroll down for styling tips and ingredients.

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When creating your board, choose ingredients that taste beautiful together and have a mix of textures for visual interest. If you don’t have time to shop and are using random ingredients from home, simply place foods that pair well closer together, and separate any that don’t pair well with a cracker or bread division. Alternatively, order a regular food delivery so you’re never without ingredients.

The most important rule to cheeseboard styling is to always remove your ingredients from their packaging. I know this sounds like more dishes, but it doesn’t need to be. If your kitchen isn’t overflowing with serving ware, simply toss the ingredients directly on your platter. Casual is the new chic (you heard it here first)! Underneath all this is hopefully a gorgeous board or platter to anchor your creation.


This is my favourite informal platter. The ingredients can be enjoyed solo, but are next-level delicious once layered. What makes this platter unique is the absence of crackers or bread. Instead, the pear slices are used as the base for layering. Something to remember for all your cheeseboard creations is to use separate cheese knives for your soft and hard cheeses. Prep Tip: If you’re taking this platter to a friend’s house be sure to wrap the ingredients separately to maintain their individual flavours. It’ll only take seconds to throw them on a cheeseboard once you arrive.

Grapes, seedless

Soft cheese (I recommend a blue)



Pear, thinly sliced

Hard cheese (I recommend parmesan)

Yogurt, honey, walnut, rosemary dip

Cheeseboard Ideas For Instagram Worthy Entertaining


This is my go-to dessert platter. Natural treats dipped in cream cheese.. need I say more!? A dessert cheeseboard is not only classier than coffee and cake, but it’s easier to prepare. These ingredients pair nicely with a desert wine, or a Turkish rose and apple loose-leaf tea. Add some beautifully designed napkins to the mix and you have a picture-perfect setting.

Tamarillo (or any fresh fruit for sharing)



Hard cheese (Try a mild, nutty variety)

Cranberries, dried


Soft cheese (I recommend cream cheese)

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This cheeseboard is the perfect appetiser to a Mediterranean themed feast. It’s basically a deconstructed Greek salad, with the addition of camembert and crackers. Choose a mild, soft feta for this platter to work with the camembert. If you have extra virgin olive oil, drizzle it generously over the feta before serving.

Feta (I recommend a mild, soft feta)






If you’re thinking a homemade hummus would complete this cheeseboard, you’re quite right. I love the Foodess’s black sesame hummus.

Cheeseboard Ideas For Instagram Worthy Entertaining


À la française! Take a moment to imagine you’re relaxing on a chequered blanket in the country side. Delicious, isn’t it? This country-chic cheeseboard is best served before a relaxed, family style meal. Of course, the only way to gather the ingredients for this platter is to wander your local market with a straw basket. Styling Tip: Don’t forget to pick fresh wild flowers for the dining table!



Soft Cheese (I recommend a brie)

Hard Cheese (I recommend oussau-iraty)




Cheeseboard Ideas For Instagram Worthy Entertaining on Cheeseboard Ideas For Instagram Worthy Entertaining


Lastly, here’s a truly simple cheeseboard. It’s likely that you have these items at home already, so my hope is that when you have surprise guests you can simply throw the ingredients on a platter, et voilà!

Apple, sliced


Hard cheese

Yogurt, honey, nutmeg, cinnamon dip (See below how to mix this, on the spot)

Edible pansies, organic

The dip takes one minute to make. Start with unsweetened Greek yogurt and mix in pinches of each spice to taste. Lightly drizzle honey over the top to finish. Styling Tip: It’s worth growing an edible pansy in your vegetable plot or window box because they’re great for styling salads and desserts as well.

Cheeseboard Ideas For Instagram Worthy Entertaining

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